Mental Health

Mental health is a big deal. It’s about as big of a deal as your physical health, and yet it’s often ignored. This is why we’re here: to help you understand mental health and take care of yours, one blog post at a time.


Stress: why does it happen and how to manage it

In this article we will discuss the the benefits of DHA and phosphatidylserine supplementation in children and adults. DHA is especially important from the pre-pregnancy phase, until the first years…

A new concept of magnesium supplementation

The fusion of essential nutrients MAG-FUSION is the perfect fusion of essential nutrients that play an important role as cofactors for the synthesis of various neurotransmitters necessary for general neurological…

The science behind MINFIRE: caffeine-free nootropic

The science behind MINFIRE MINFIRE is a caffeine-free nootropic with extracts of selected medicinal plants, choline bitartrate, tyrosine and phosphatidylserine. It was developed to provide nutrients that participate in the…

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