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At Nutribiolite, we are dedicated to creating premium natural food supplements, carefully developed using scientific knowledge, that support individuals in achieving their health and wellness goals, empowering them to embrace a better lifestyle.

Nutribiolite - Natural Food Supplements

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The creation of Nutribiolite

Nutribiolite arises from the initiative of Luiz Pinto and Flonja Liko, a couple of scientists who have dedicated a large part of their career to drug development and, later, to the manufacture of active ingredients in the pharmaceutical industry. Despite their professional experience in the synthesis and study of substances that were intended to treat or diagnose diseases, they have always been aware of the importance of food supplements both to correct nutritional imbalances and to provide other substances capable of bringing important benefits for general health.

In their search for food supplements capable of meeting their dietary needs, Luiz and Flonja have verified that the market presented outdated solutions. Most of the products based on vitamins and minerals were made up of poorly bioactive forms, resulting in a poor cost-benefit ratio for people. In the case of multivitamins, many formulas did not take into account the antagonistic effect of some ingredients, which significantly affects the absorption and efficiency of vitamins and minerals. Some plant extracts were difficult to find or too expensive and there was a lack of formulas combining different ingredients, capable of creating a positive synergistic effect.

In this sense, in 2020 they have decided to create Nutribiolite, with the aim of bringing food supplements within everyone’s reach with innovative and updated formulas, top quality ingredients and an excellent cost-benefit ratio. To make this possible, Nutribiolite relies on the high technical capacity of its founders, the collaboration of the best laboratories in Spain, and a direct relationship with its customers through its website. Nutribiolite does not have intermediaries and does not use aggressive marketing strategies, which allows them to offer their customers products at very affordable prices.

Our online store

Our website is organized in a simple way to allow easy and fast navigation. Through it you can access our online store, find complete information about our products, be the first to know about our offers and special campaigns and have access to our articles on health, nutrition and phytotherapy. In our online store, orders can be placed with a few clicks and in total security (HTTPS protocol), choosing the payment method that suits you best. After completing the purchase process, we do all necessary to send your order in the shortest possible time  and with reduced shipping costs. In addition, we offer free shipping based on the total value of the order.

Message from the founders

Nutribiolite Natural food supplements

Luiz F. Pinto

Nutribiolite Natural food supplement

Flonja Liko

Hi! We are Luiz y Flonja, the founders of Nutribiolite. He spends most of our lives working in the best research centers in nanomedicine, biomaterials and in the pharmaceutical industry. Based on our experience in the preparation of products that aim to cure or diagnose diseases, we will have our common passion:  the prevention. For this reason, we have always been aware of the help that food supplements could offer people and, of course, without forgetting the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits. Finally, in February 2020, the conditions were met for the creation of Nutribiolite, a family business that aims to bring food supplements within everyone’s reach, developed with scientific thinking, always using the best raw materials and with the best cost-benefit ratio.

Nutribiolite Natural food supplement