Secure payment with SSL protocol

At Nutribiolite we guarantee maximum security and privacy to our clients, both in the browsing process, with 100% secure pages, and when making the purchase of their favorite product. Our page has the HTTPS protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) which uses a special SSL transmission protocol signed by a valid certifying entity. To verify that you are in a protected environment, make sure an “S” appears in the navigation bar (“https”://) and the icon: ).

In addition, our page has SECURE PAYMENT. This system and its security and encryption protocols guarantee the encrypted sending of data, avoid identity theft and guarantee secure payment, both for the user and for the online store. This system has “VERIFIED BY VISA” and “MASTERCARD SECURECODE” payment, internationally recognized as payment systems with maximum security on the internet. In addition, at we also make payments available through the PAYPAL payment platform.

Debit or credit card: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro

Payments by credit or debit card are managed through an electronic payment platform POS (Point of Sale Terminal) managed by Redsys. Nutribiolite at no time has access to credit or debit card numbers. This personal data is sent directly to the bank, without Nutribiolite being able to access it.

The flow of a payment by credit or debit card through the virtual POS is done through the following sequence of steps:

  1. The customer selects the products he wants to buy on our page and adds it to the shopping cart.
  2. After clicking on the “FINISH PURCHASE” button, the client’s browser session is redirected to the URL of the virtual POS. In this URL the customer enters the card details to proceed with the payment.
  3. The virtual POS informs Nutribiolite of the result of the operation and returns the client’s browser session to the Nutribiolite page so that they can continue browsing the online store.

In this process, the card details are reported at the virtual POS, so Nutribiolite has no contact with these details. The cards accepted are the same as those accepted in shops with a physical POS, specifically Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro.

PayPal: specialized in the management of electronic payments

Our page allows PayPal payments, a platform specialized in the management of electronic payments. With PayPal, it is enough to create an account on the platform, have a card linked to that account (which will work as a kind of deposit) and an email associated with the card. For more information clik here: PayPal

Multibanco: available only for Portugal

Our website provides MULTIBANCO payments, exclusively for our clients in Portugal. After completing your purchase, you can select the MULTIBANCO option. In this case, a message will appear with the data “REFERENCE”, “ENTITY” and “AMOUNT” to pay. To make the payment, simply go to a MULTIBANCO ATM in Portugal and select “Payment for Services” and enter the information provided. You can also carry out this operation from your homebanking service in Portugal. Your order will be processed after we receive confirmation of your payment. More information on the official website of Multibanco (information in Portuguese).