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How to regulate your digestion from within?

How to regulate your digestion from within? Problems with going to the bathroom, feeling bloated, abdominal cramps or heartburn are, in many cases, symptoms of  digestive enzymes deficiency. The gastrointestinal…

Stress: why does it happen and how to manage it

In this article we will discuss the the benefits of DHA and phosphatidylserine supplementation in children and adults. DHA is especially important from the pre-pregnancy phase, until the first years…

5 tips to prevent urinary tract infections

5 tips to prevent urinary tract infections Did you know that symptomatic urinary tract infection (UTI) is among the most frequent bacterial infections in humans? In fact, UTI is the…

A male performance complex with 8 anabolic plant extracts and Co-Q10

ALPHA ALPHA is a combination of Coenzyme Q10 with steroidal saponins, flavonoids, nitrates (source of nitric oxide), terpenoids and other natural polyphenols, in order to maintain normal levels of libido,…

4 powerful ingredients to help you sleep better

4 powerful ingredients to help improve your sleep A key to a healthy life is getting a good night's sleep. It is during sleep when our body performs its main…

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